Our Totochie Rating

Totochie is here to help you select the best family-friendly hotels and resorts for children from 3 to 12 years old. We’ve therefore created a 1-5 rating, with 5 being the highest rating. Ratings 1 and 2 are usually not used. The Totochie rating is completely independent from other hotel classifications.

A hotel without a Totochie rating doesn’t mean that it is a bad hotel. In fact, it might even be a luxury hotel. It’s just likely a hotel that doesn’t have a specific family focus. You might find expensive, very luxurious hotels with a low Totochie rating, and smaller boutique hotels with a high Totochie rating. Again, traditional hotel ratings have nothing to do with our Totochie rating. This is just an additional service from us for families with children between 3 and 12 years old to identify specific family-friendly hotels and resorts.

We are using the hotel classifications a) luxury, b) mid-range, and c) budget, to give you a hint of the traditional classification of the hotel. However, we reserve the right not to be fully aligned with their traditional star classification. Note: in respect to nightly prices, a mid-range hotel in New York City might be much more expensive than in a rural area. Our luxury/mid-range/budget classification is to be seen in relation to the general price level of the destination.


5 Totochies

These are our top family-friendly establishments, providing the highest standards. These hotels and resorts are often dedicated specifically to families and might offer a kids club, children swimming pools, children’s breakfast, minimum safety standards for children, and, of course, family rooms. We don’t guarantee that they offer any specific facilities, we just rate them as our most family-friendly, and most family-dedicated hotel and resorts.


4 Totochies

A hotel or a resort with four Totochies means that it is a very family-friendly establishment with several facilities and options specifically for children between 3 and 12 years old. It might not be a hotel or resorts which is (only) dedicated to families; however, it provides lots of entertainment and fun for kids. The hotel is likely to have family rooms, childcare, and game rooms, however this is not mandatory.


3 Totochies

These are family-friendly hotels which have been very popular with families with children. They might not have all the standards and facilities specifically for kids, however, families are treated very nicely and all minimum facilities like high chairs, food for kids, etc. are available. Again, a hotel classified with three Totochies might be a luxury hotel, it just doesn’t have the family dedication as do hotels with a four or five Totochie rating.


1-2 Totochies

We usually don’t classify hotels and resorts with one or two Totochies. If we don’t classify a hotel with a Totochie rating, it means that it is just a standard hotel that we recommend, but without a specific family focus. However, all the hotels and resorts that we recommend are suitable for families, otherwise we wouldn’t recommend them.


Totochie Learning

We love Totochie, are we’re so grateful that he helps us rank hotels and resorts for family friendliness. In the end, that’s what Best Family Escapes is all about. Stay tuned for a new Totochie Learning website.



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