When you are planning a family vacation, airfare is a major part of the cost. This is true on international and domestic flights alike. In fact, when you are flying to low-cost destinations like Latin America, airfare can actually be the biggest expense. That is why finding kids fly free airlines will dramatically cut down on the cost of travel. 

If you have children under two, you are in luck! There are a wide array of airlines throughout the United States and abroad that offer free travel for kids. With older kids, on the other hand, deals can seem few and far behind. But don’t give up! There are kids fly free airlines out there.

The best (and cheapest!) airline for you will depend entirely on where you are going. If you are still in the early stages of planning your next family adventure, I would highly recommend checking out some of the best kids fly free airlines to see which ones have promotions going. If you take your time planning and researching, you can have half the family boarding the plane for free. 

Is the wanderlust hitting you yet? Here is a rundown of the best kids fly free airlines in the US and around the world.

Frontier Airlines 

If you are going to fly with kids who are under 14 years old, you might want to check out the Discount Den program from Frontier Airlines. With membership, your children can fly free on select domestic flights. There are a couple of catches, of course, so let’s dig in. 

First up, membership isn’t free. It will set you back $60 per year. It is also essential to be aware that it doesn’t cover all flights. The month of December is pretty much off-limits and there are some other limitations during the year. 

Despite the restrictions, the Discount Den program can definitely be worth it. Even just getting a couple of kids onto one flight for free can easily make the membership pay for itself. And that’s on top of the other perks! All in all, if you are on Frontier Airlines route, I’d highly advise looking into this. 

Southwest Airlines

Definitely one of the top bargain airlines in America, Southwest Airlines should also be your first stop for finding a deal. Not only are full-fare tickets well priced, but you can also steal a deal for kids’ plane tickets.

While it is not exactly a “kids fly free” airline, they do offer great rates. Across the board, children ages two to eleven fly at a discount rate.

Tip- Anytime you are thinking about flying Southwest Airlines, be sure to look into their Companion Pass ticket option. You can get ultra-low prices on family travel with these!

Scandinavian Airlines 

If you are exploring Northern Europe, you have got to check out Scandinavian Airlines. Flying between the United States and destinations across Scandinavia like Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, this is one of the best kids fly free airlines on the planet. 

They run deals through the year that allow kids under 11 years old to fly for free. If you can nab a bargain, it dramatically slashes the cost of an international family vacation. 

Virgin Atlantic Airlines 

Another way to save some cash crossing the pond is with Virgin Atlantic. For all tickets for kids two to 11 years of age, the airline offers a 25 percent discount on travel. 

Like most carriers, they offer low price tickets for children under two years old. Of course, this means that you will need to fly with the baby on your lap. When you are taking a transatlantic flight, this can be difficult. Depending on your budget and the length of your trip, it is well worth considering purchasing an extra seat. 

The older your baby is, the more space he or she is going to need to spread out during the fight. Likewise, it’ll give you some extra space to move around (and, who knows, maybe even get a nap in!). When you fly Virgin Atlantic Airlines, you can get a bonus 25 percent off when you book a seat for your child under two years old. 

Before You Go 

When you are flying with kids, keep in mind that identification is crucial for boarding.  Sure, it might be obvious to you and anyone else who sees your little one that he’s not a day over six months, but airlines have policies. In order to avail of a deal, you will need to have identification.

Ready to take off? You NEED our ultimate guide to flying with kids! A few tricks of the trade can create smooth sailing and start your family vacation on a stress-free note. 

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