Who says that you need to travel around the world to have a good time? With a bit of kid-friendly summer staycation inspiration, you can steal a bit of rest and relaxation anytime, anywhere. So, stop counting down the days until your next big trip and start planning an amazing adventure for this weekend.

Here’s is all of the kid-friendly summer staycation inspiration you need to create an unforgettable memory for your whole family.

Live Like a Tourist at Home

Fall in love with your hometown all over again. Show the kids around to all of the places they have never been– and take in a few new sites yourself! Most of us are guilty of completely overlooking all of the incredible wonders around us. Now is the time to break out of the daily grind to see it all in a new light.

Where do tourists go to in your town? Whether you live in a major cosmopolitan area jampacked with attractions with tourists from around the world or are more likely to find travelers out building a campfire by the river, every place on the planet has its charms. It’s your job to find ’em!

Just start searching online and make a note of anywhere interesting. The best pick for you might be trying something totally new and different, like taking a class or hitting a climbing wall. Maybe there are quirky roadside attractions or important museums. Keep an open mind and just try it out.

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Kid-Friendly Summer Staycation Inspiration Money-Saving Trick

Try discount sites to get your inspiration! Groupon often has deals on local activities, or you can do some research to see if your city offers a discount card for tourists.

Go Camping in the Backyard

What’s easier than popping a tent just outside of the house? While it might seem a bit silly and not worth the effort, you can turn it into something magical. String lights in the tent. Make some popcorn. Have a campfire.

Kid-Friendly Summer Staycation Inspiration: DIY Forts

Or even just build a fort inside! Dig for some inspiration on Pinterest, and you will be blown away at how fantastic this can actually be. Look through designs with the kids, then go crazy with it. Even if it’s a total flop that ends up with a pile of sheets on the floor, you can have a good time with it.

Get a Hotel for the Weekend

Not in the DIY spirit? Rent a hotel for the weekend. You don’t have to go far to have a great time. Deals are going throughout the summer, especially if you’re not set on a particular date or location. Spend the afternoon at the pool, order room service for a movie marathon, then appreciate the maid service while you linger over freshly made pancakes.

When it comes to family-friendly hotels, Embassy Suites is always a good pick. From free breakfast for the whole family, complimentary evening drinks, fair prices, and an impressive rewards system (Hilton points), this just ticks all of the boxes for a kid-friendly hotel.

Residence Inn is another good pick that always offers free breakfast for the whole family (as a parent, you know how key it is for everyone to start the day with a decent meal, so you’re not stopping as soon as you get out). They offer two-bedroom suites in many locations that would easily sleep six, so it’s a good hotel for large families. Also, keep your eye out for rooms with an in-room kitchen, which can save some serious time and money. They’ve got a good rewards program with the Marriott Bonvoy system, so it pays off quickly to be loyal.

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Ice Cream Social

What kids doesn’t love ice cream? Rather than just stopping for a treat on the way home, why not make a night of it? Invite friends and family over for a sweet smorgasbord. Again, Pinterest is your friend here (and really the ultimate source of summer kid-friendly staycation inspiration!). Look for fun themed ideas that will get the kids excited.

If you’re just serving up the family, a simple bag with five dollars’ worth of supplies will go far at an ice cream social. Grab a couple of balloons and streamers to create the right atmosphere. Mini bags of candy are perfect toppings because you can easily get a wide selection of topping options without having to get a ton of supplies. Little things like sprinkles and even silly straws or umbrellas will go a long way.

If it’s a hit, look at second-hand ice cream makers to take things to the next level for your next big event! A lot of people buy these or get them as gifts, but don’t use them so you can often grab a bargain on them (which is especially great if you only end up using them once or twice as well).

Do the kids like cooking and baking? Forget ice cream and go for taffy or cookies! Anything that can be decorated with fun toppings is perfect for a fun day.

Find a Local Festival

Who needs Disney World when you’ve got fairs and festivals in your own backyard? The summer schedule of any area tends to be packed with options. From science fairs to food festivals, there are endless options. Check the city website, Facebook events, start Googling, or use our events page.

If the weather is good, almost any festival can be fun, so keep an open mind. Entry is often free at small events, so it is worth getting out there to check things out. In fact, many sponsored events are literally giving away stuff. Pack a picnic and listen to local music. Watch magicians. Go for face painting.

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YOUR Summer Kid-Friendly Staycation Inspiration

What do your kids love doing at home during the summer? Share with us in the comments.

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