Looking for tricks on how to keep kids busy without screens? It’s time to get creative! We are all guilty of mindlessly scrolling from time to time, but it’s not a habit anyone wants to keep. For kids and parents alike, it’s essential to know how to entertain ourselves offline. 

Ready for some old-school secrets to keep kids busy without screen time? Here are a few of the most effective strategies for even the most internet-loving kid out there. 

Limit Screen Time by Cooking with Kids 

Sure, cooking can be a chore, but it doesn’t always have to be. Rather than just asking kids to do the mundane stuff like washing or peeling vegetables, find some fun kid-friendly recipes. 

Make cooking fun for your kids by incorporating their interests and fave dishes. Do your kids love pizza? Create easy pizzas out of French bread. There’s very little prep work, and kids can do pretty much everything themselves. 

Have a pretty princess who loves all things pink and pastel? Make princess toast! If they are old enough to search, let the kids use their screen time to come up with fun ideas. 

Get Offline with Kids and Plant a Garden 

Embrace what your kids love. Got little ones who love digging in the dirt and making a mess? That’s perfect for gardening! The best thing about gardening is that you can cater to your time and space. Looking for a quick project in a small space? Get a little potted plant next time you are out and replant it at home. 

Miniature gardens are a perfect way to show kids how their hard work can pay off. Get a pack of seeds or a little seedling and watch them go. Even simple options like those little pots of mint, basil, coriander, and other herbs from the grocery store can be perfect. Adding a dash of home-grown basil to spaghetti will expand their palette and give them bragging rights.

Pro Tip: If you do opt to buy seeds, do a bit of research ahead of time. Some of those cheap discount store packets can be too old to spout while others seed just take ages to grow. Opt for easy-to-grow seeds so they can get a bit more reward for their effect.

How to Get Rid of Screen Time with Games 

There’s more to the world than just video games! Show the kids the joy of old fashion fun with games like hide-and-seek or charades. Check out board games that would spark interest with the whole family. 

Tip: Try to make screen time predictable. Base it around what works before for your schedule like keeping the kids occupied while you’re busy before dinner or need to unwind before bed. Some parents swear by screen-free weekdays and more flexible weekend hours. Do what works for you. 

Sharing Screen Time 

Screen time doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Turn screen time into an experience for the whole family experience. Plan a family movie night. Plan games that incorporate screens (which is helpful if kids find board games lacking).   

Spend Time Outside without Screens 

Enjoying good weather? Get outside! A simple walk or even just sitting in the sun is an ideal way to connect distraction-free. If the kids are restless, bring a ball, rackets, frisbee, or whatever kind of activity will keep kids engaged. 

Get Kids Exercising 

What can kids do instead of screen time when the weather isn’t great? How about a dance party? For younger kids, upgrade it to a dress-up party. Let them dress up like their fave character, superhero, or just play around with clothes. Put on some dance music and get out there with them. 

If kids are a bit shy or hesitant, incorporate YouTube. Learn a dance together online to loosen up. 

Tip: While it’s great to interact and get the kids excited, look for solo options too. It’s essential for kids to learn how to entertain themselves. Give them things they can do for a while solo, so they don’t feel like they need to always be online searching for someone or something to engage them. 

Create a Home Science Lab 

Got curious kids or love experimenting and playing around? Create an at-home science lab! If you’re not sure how engaged the kids will actually be, start with some simple at-home science experiments. There are countless educational science activities for kids of all ages. Of course, you may need to incorporate screens here, but in a positive way. Watching tutorials then getting active is the perfect way to show the kids that the internet is a helpful tool rather than just a source of passive entertainment.

Design an At-Home Arts and Crafts Studio

If your kids are creative, create an art space for them. There’s no limit to the number of arts and craft activities for kids that you can find online! Let your kids scroll through kid-friendly arts and craft activities on Pinterest

Looking for some education activities? We’ve got you covered! Check out the best online classes and resources for kids of all ages, and how to make learning a language fun for teenagers.

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