If you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, winter is coming! If you live in a colder area, what typically gets you through the colder temperatures? Dreaming of warmer weather! Why stop at dreaming? Plan your winter vacation with help from our guide, our guide to Atlantis! Welcome to Paradise Island!

Let this wondrous world of water parks, luxurious hotels, spas, restaurants, and a host of aquariums that you can explore – there is a whole world for you to discover at the Atlantis resort.

Now, before you book your room, it is important to know how Atlantis works to ensure that you have a smooth, fun, and easy time during your vacation.

The Ultimate Guide to Atlantis: The Resorts

Believe it or not, Atlantis is six separate resorts. Many travelers think that Atlantis is one very large resort – this isn’t true. There are six resorts which are located on Paradise Island:

The Royal

The Royal is a visual representation of Atlantis. This resort features the grand folklore of the Lost City of Atlantis, which has risen from the sea. Every detail was included to make you feel like you’re standing on the Lost City. Everything from the artwork to the experiences. You can’t go wrong with a visit to the world’s largest open-air marine habitat at the center and the famed Atlantis casino by its side. This is also the busiest of all the properties, a lively casino, great shopping, and a center for many of the resort’s attractions. Lots of people, and access to the aquarium and water parks. Be prepared to navigate through the crowds here – this is where most of the crowds will congregate. [Check out our best rates.]

The Reef

The Reef is the perfect blend between the conveniences of home and the amenities of a luxury residential community. The Reef is banked upon the white sand beaches of Paradise Island with the relaxing Bahamian culture around every corner. The Reef encourages guests to unplug completely from the outside world and plug into everything Atlantis has to offer. Guests at The Reef enjoy stunning options between studios up to a three-bedroom suite with kitchenette or full kitchens, and magnificent ocean views. The Reef is beloved by families traveling. Since it is more removed from the bustling side of the resort, it’s quieter and features its own beach and pool – which is perfect for families! [Check out our best rates.]

The Beach

The theme for the beach is “barefoot and carefree.” The Beach at Atlantis is all about the beach itself. Perfect for guests looking to travel on a budget and seeking a casual and tropical, relaxed ambiance steps away from Atlantis Beach. The Beach does not include room service but does offer the amenities of Atlantis within easy reach. It’s the outermost hotel away from the attractions, restaurants, and excitement. If you are on a budget and want to take your vacation time to catch up on much-needed sleep, this is where you should stay! It stays quieter since it is further away from most of the “action,” but that might be exactly what you need for your vacation! [Check out our best rates.]

The Coral

From top to bottom, be prepared to discover newly designed rooms (if you have visited before), a spectacular new pool and cabanas, and a stunning lobby lounge with Sun & Ice, a Bahamian pastry, coffee, ice cream, and gelato parlor. If you are looking for something stronger, cocktails are dispensed in the evenings, leading to a night at the Atlantis casino. You can dine in one of the unbelievable restaurants, or take the chance to explore Marina Village, with entertainment, shopping, and dining next to some of the most beautiful yachts in the world. The Coral hotel has made several improvements that make it family-friendly and especially welcomes families who are traveling on a budget. [Check out our best rates.]

The Cove

The Cove was designed to be much-needed between Cove and Paradise Beaches; this helps generate the feeling of being on an uninhabited, white-sand sanctuary for your perfect vacation. It boasts an open-air lobby which rises and sets with the day. It’s one of the nicest buildings in the resort, but it is not recommended for families. The private pool is for adults only. The exclusive pool is nested between two private beaches. However, the rooms and suites, as well as service and dining options, are excellent. [Check out our best rates.]

Harborside Resort

Here you can enjoy both openness and simple charm in the comfortable villas of Harborside Resort. This resort was designed for large families and groups of up to nine people. At the Villas at Harborside, you feel like getting your own little island for yourself, without being far away from the action. The villas are up to four-story-high and are right at the marina, making it a little village by itself. The center of the village has lots of dining and shopping options and becomes lively at night. [Check out our best rates.]

Guide to Atlantis: Where to Eat

Looking for a good place to eat? You have lots of options for places to eat around the property. However, depending on if you are traveling with children or not, there are some restaurants that you will need to be aware of before you try to sit down. Also, Atlantis is not an “all-inclusive resort.” You can purchase meal plans for your stay. There is a breakfast plan or a half-board option (breakfast and lunch). Kids 12 years and below get a discount.

Age Restrictions for Dining

It is good to know where you and your guests can and can’t eat based on the ambiance. Children under age 6, won’t be able to eat at Nobu, Mesa Grill and in the French Cafe Martinique. Casa D’Angelo only allows kids younger than six years old to have dinner from 5:30 to 6 p.m.

The best dining options for children are Dune, Marina Pizzeria, Bahamian Club, the Point Restaurant & Bar, Murray’s Delicatessen, Virgil’s, Bimini Road, Casa Chop Stix, Olives, and Seafire Steakhouse.
There are more budget-friendly dining options at the marina, like Johnny Rockets and Quizno’s. A Starbucks is in The Reef hotel, but fair warning the line during breakfast can wrap through the hotel lobby.

Guide to Atlantis: Passes and Experiences

Part of your room rate includes a pass to the Aquaventure water park and Ruins Aquarium, which is a self-guided tour through the decorative underworld environments for marine life. At night the resort comes to life with shows and entertainment of all kinds, some are free, and others are not – it is good to see what you can enjoy on a budget or what you want to splurge on.
As we discussed earlier, all your meals at Atlantis are not included in the pricing unless you specifically purchase a meal option. If you would like to partake in the dolphin programs you’ve heard about taking place at Dolphin Cay, these aren’t included, but you can easily get a ticket or pass to this attraction. The basic “swimming” with the dolphins program is very popular. You will stand with your kids in shallow water, and dolphins will swim by and can be touched. There is a professional photographer to take pictures. There are several experiences that are not included in your Atlantis stay unless you have built or purchased a package deal. Plan your budget accordingly.

Guide to Atlantis: Getting Around

Getting to the airport

There are several shuttle options that you can take to and from the airport that can be set up for you by the hotel you are staying at, however, that is not a complimentary shuttle.

Getting around the resort

There is a complimentary shuttle that is offered between the different resorts. This allows you to get are easily but be prepared for the shuttle to become crowded during dining hours. Take the healthy path and walk, you won’t feel so guilty about your dinner if you know you are walking back to your room across the island.

Getting on and off the island

A water taxi is your best bet when it comes to getting on and off the island. They depart the island from Harbor Town every 30 minutes, so you know you won’t have to wait very long before the next one arrives.

Atlantis was designed to have something for everyone! If you want to travel with the kids, solo, romantic getaway, or a family reunion – Atlantis has you covered. We want to ensure that you have the best experience while you travel with your children, and try to indicate, what is included and what isn’t in your packages. Look at the fine print when you are booking; that way you don’t have any surprises or disappointments when you are traveling to Paradise island.