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The birthday of Rome will be celebrated on the 21st of April, this year the city will be 2774 years old! Legend says that Romulus & Remus founded the city of Rome in 753 BC on a small hill near current Rome. After that the city quickly evolved into the famous capital of the Roman Empire,  this date has been celebrated ever since.

These days the annual celebration of the birthday of Rome is still a big event. You can enjoy impressive parades, historical shows, and FREE entrance to the museums.

One of the events during the birthday of Rome is a beauty contest to become Rome’s Goddess of the year. But the main event is a historical parade. From all over Europe people will come to re-enact and dress like historical Romans to put on an incredible show. The parade ends with spectacular gladiator performances.

It is not all about parades and Roman characters. During the festivities ‘old’ Roman dishes, like stews and veal, are served around the city. You can find most of the events around the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

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