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02aprAll DayThe Procession of The Mysteries of TrapaniCountry:ItalyLocation:Sicily,Trapani

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‎The Procession of The Mysteries of Trapani is a local traditional festival in Sicily. Every year this procession will take place on the Western side of Sicily on Good Friday right before the beginning of Easter. This event will take all day.

This 400-year-old tradition is held every year to depict the passion and death of Jesus Christ. When you visit this event you will see around 20 sculptures going through the streets in procession.  Every sculpture is made of a wooden frame with cloth and glue. The clothes worn by the statues are modeled in the ‘carchet’ style, this is a local traditional technique.

The statues are held in the Church delle Anime del Purgatorio during the year. But on Good Friday they come out to show to the gathered crowd. This event is as traditional as it gets and gives you a good insight into the folklore and traditions of Sicily and Trapani. The procession is not only a showcase of Jesus Christ and his life. It is a representation of the deep beliefs of the Sicilians as well.

If you are interested in visiting the Procession of The Mysteries of Trapani you can visit this website. And if you want to learn more about traveling to Italy you can click here. Or if you need some inspiration about the areas you can stay you can read this article.

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Via Serraglio S. Pietro, 1, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

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