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The Lucerne Carnival in Switzerland is a world-renowned carnival with sparkling parades and impressive costumes. During a couple of days, the city of Lucerne will be the center of joyful festivities for young and old.

This festival has its origins in the catholic carnival which is celebrated since 325 AD. This week used to be the last week before they would fast for 40 days. Therefore, it was celebrated with plenty of food and drinks. Another aspect of it is to make fun of the authorities and use sarcasm without any punishment.

The carnival is still an important and celebrated event. Until this day you’ll see people with elaborate colorful masks to mock the authority or famous people. The moment you see the first mask you understand how much time and craftsmanship it takes to make them.

One of the biggest events of the week is Dirty Thursday which starts at 5 am. With a big bang and confetti rain, they will open the ‘Fasnacht’ on Kapellplatz. After this event, you can enjoy several brightly colored parades.

If you want to enjoy the Lucerne Carnival we recommend reading this. Or you can visit one of the other festivals in Switzerland or Austria. We do have some hotel recommendations for your stay in Switzerland as well.

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February 24 (Thursday) - March 1 (Tuesday)



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