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02janAll DayHarder Potschete Festival in InterlakenCountry:SwitzerlandLocation:Interlaken

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The Harder Potschete Festival in Interlaken will be held every year on the 2nd of January. On this day the spirit of the Harder Kulm mountain will haunt Interlaken. The scary-looking Hardermannli will run through the streets with his Potschen (wife and children) to terrorize the people.

This festival originates back decades. It started when young people in masks started to roam the streets. These youngsters would demand money, bread, and wine for the dead. They call this the “Guet Jahresgab”. These masks would represent the dead and the offerings were needed to keep them calm and peaceful.

Now the festival has changed and represents the legend of the Hardermannli. This is a stone face that looks down from his throne on top of the mountain. Legend says the Hardermann is a banished monk who was condemned to look down on Interlaken for 1000 years.

During the festival, you can see the Hardermanns family running around the city. While they run around, they will scream and shout to drive away bad spirits.  You can enjoy this festival until late at night.

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Aareckstrasse 6, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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