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Men working at the Flower Festival in Noto, Sicily, Italy - Infiorata

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The Flower Festival in Noto is called Inforiata in Italian. Inforiata festivals are held throughout Italy, but the one in Noto on Sicily is one of the best. That is because the flower designs in the streets are the most elaborate and the surrounding activities plentiful.

The Flower Festival in Noto is an annual event held in the third week of May. A couple of months before the festival they will choose a theme, so the artists can start working on their designs. On Friday evening they will start making the outlines of their designs which they will fill with thousands of flower petals during the night.

By Saturday morning the streets of Noto are filled with a carpet of colorful and aromatic flowers with intricate designs. But that’s not all. There are plenty of other activities like exhibitions, food- and wine tasting, guided tours, and concerts.

One of the highlights of the festival is the baroque historical parade. This parade is a display of the long history of the town. It is held on Sunday around 5 pm.

If you are planning a trip to Sicily check out this page to learn more. Read our article about festivals in Italy to learn about them.

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