may, 2021

02mayAll DayCheese festival of GruyèresCountry:SwitzerlandLocation:Gruyères

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The Cheese festival of Gruyères will be held every year on the first Sunday in May. And is the place to taste this legendary cheese and enjoy everything this region has to offer.

Switzerland is one of the most marvelous countries in Europe. The small picturesque towns with a backdrop of snowy mountains are just stunning. To complete that, they make one of the best cheeses in the world. One of these famous cheeses is made in the historical village of Gruyère.

Cheese lovers will be delighted to know that every year there is a one-day festival to celebrate this cheese. During this festival, you can learn about the cheese-making process. And of course, you can taste this delicacy.

This festival is not just for cheese lovers. The festival is a great place to buy souvenirs like woodwork and embroidery. Apart from that, you can watch people playing the famous alpine horns, listen to local music, and watch flag throwing.

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Pringy, Place de la Gare 3, 1663 Gruyères, Zwitserland

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