Sitges Family Activities – Tips and Recommendations

Most people visit Sitges on a day trip from Barcelona. Depending on where you’re starting in Barcelona it’s likely a 30-45 minutes trip to get there. Easily to be done in a day therefore. However, Sitges has a lot more to offer, and it’s a thriving holiday destination as well. You might even think of staying in Sitges, and visiting Barcelona (and other places) from Sitges.

The Top Tours in Sitges

  1. Parasailing (20 minutes)
    If you haven’t done it yet – now it’s the chance. I promise you’ll never forget your first time parasailing. The minimum age is 8, but all youngsters under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Electric Bike Tour Through the Penedès Wineries
    Sant Sadurní d’Anoia is only about a 30 minutes drive from Sitges. It’s home of the famous Cava (a sparkling wine). Think ‘Champagne’ – but from Catalonia! The electric bike tour is the best way to see different wineries in half a day.
  3. Private 5 hours Day Trip from Barcelona
    This only makes sense if you’re staying in Barcelona. It’s the easiest way to visit Sitges if you’re in a hurry. They’ll pick you up from your hotel in Barcelona. Recommended for any age.

Walks & Hikes

  1. Passeig Maritim / Paseo Marítimo
    The classic. You won’t get tired walking along the beautiful Mediterranean coast along the pleasant seafront promenade – either facing the church, or the new ME Sitges Terramar hotel. Make sure to stop at Pic Nic – our favorite café.
  2. Walk through town
    Start at the Plaça del Cap de la Vila and walk down Carrer de les Parellades. Turn left on Carrer Marquès Montroig down to the sea. It’s a classic short walk through town, but feel free to wander any adjacent street to the left or right on your way. You can do the walk in 15 minutes, or 3 hours – if you’re really on holidays.
  3. Walk to Port Aiguadolç
    Let’s start again at Plaça del Cap de la Vila and walk down Carrer d’Angel Vidal towards Platja de Sant Sebastià (the beach). Walk along the beach towards East and pass the Ermita de Sant Sebastià on its south side. Follow the path until you get to the port. You’ll be passing lots of nice restaurants, bars, and cafés. Just stop and enjoy.
  4. Walk to the church
    Just in case you haven’t passed the church yet – you should. So, let’s say we start at Plaça del Cap de la Vila again, walk down Carrer Major towards the town hall (Ajuntament de Sitges – Casa de la Vila). There is the Casa Bacardí right next to it – not that spectacular (especially for kids). However, kids will love the little steps going down towards the water just behind the town hall. From here – either take a left towards Platja de Sant Sebastià (San Sebastian beach), or a right – towards the church, and down the steps to Passeig de la Ribera and Platja de la Fragata (Fragata beach).

Things to See

There isn’t a lot of sightseeing in Sitges. People come here to go to the beach, relax in numerous restaurants, bars, and cafés, or just spend a day shopping. A few things you might still want to do:

  1. Museu de Maricel
    More than the museum itself, it’s the whole setting – the old village from the church all the way to the San Sebastian beach. If you want to visit a place specifically – and get a chance to go inside one of the buildings – it’s the Maricel Museum. There are a few other museums nearby (if you’re into museums): Cau Ferrat Museum, Romantic Museum and the Palau (palace) de Maricel itself – the latter is not generally open to the public. Kids all ages will enjoy the museums (the older the better).
  2. Buddhist Monastery Sakya Tashi Ling
    A Buddhist monastery in Catalonia? Yes, and a very nice one. Worth a visit. Kids welcome. Only open on weekends and holidays. There are lots of beautiful hikes around the Parc del Garraf. You either need a car or you’re taking your mountain bike. But keep in mind – this is only for advanced bikers, and your kids are likely teenagers or older. It’s a tough ride (I’ve done it myself). It’ll get hot in summer!
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