Traveling to Croatia comes with lots of perks; this European country has numerous beaches, stunning nature, historical towns, and plenty of fun activities for the entire family to indulge. Here are our highlights for a perfect summer vacation in Croatia:

Croatia travel tips and recommendations

  • Croatia has no less than 10 UNESCO Heritage Sites; ruins dating back to ancient civilizations, historic churches, and nature reserves.
  • If you‚Äôre looking for accommodation for your Croatia trip, go to for the biggest selection of hotels and resorts.
  • Many scenes in the popular tv-series Game of Thrones were filmed in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Fans among your travel companionship can visit the sites and relive their favorite moments.
  • Go island-hopping. Croatia is a country with countless islands in the Adriatic Sea, on which you can explore beaches, go fishing or sunbathing.
  • Pack light when traveling in summer. Croatia‚Äôs climate is hot during this season, and thick clothes aren‚Äôt necessary.


Best Places to Visit in Croatia for Families

Croatia is an enchanting destination in every aspect, from its lush national parks to the beaches and colorful architecture in the historic towns. If you add the abundance of sunshine hours and gorgeous islands of the coast, Croatia becomes an excellent place to go to if you’re into the great outdoors. We have selected several compelling destinations within Croatia, including excellent accommodation to spend quality time with your family.

Summer Holidays in Pula

Pula is a coastal city in the northwest of Croatia. With approximately 58.000 inhabitants, Pula is the 6th largest city in Croatia. But despite its modest appearance, Pula has exciting sights and activities for travelers; a Film Festival, exceptional cuisine, and the largest Roman stadium outside Italy. This Pula Arena that could hold up to 20.000 spectators is an absolute must-visit in town and a beautiful remnant of the Roman era in Croatia. Other iconic Roman structures within the city borders include the Temple of Augustus and the majestic Arch of the Sergii. 

Apart from its impressive architecture, Pula has a stunning coastline and a national park just around the corner. To escape the city life, it’s easy to go Fazana and take a ferry to Brijuni National Park. Here, you can relax on the beaches and in the forests. 

Hotel Recommendations in Pula

Boutique Hotel Valsabbion, luxury

If you’re looking for an upscale accommodation where you’ll be pampered, Boutique Hotel Valsabbion is the place to be in Pula. Not only has this hotel a swimming pool and wellness amenities, but Boutique Hotel Valsabbion also has a private beach for guests to enjoy and luxurious rooms with comforts such as sea views and a flatscreen tv with Netflix.

Terra Rossa, budget

Apartment Terra Rossa is a simple yet comfy accommodation just outside the city center. A studio in Terra Rossa has room for 4 guests and has a fully-equipped kitchen, complete with an oven, microwave, coffee and tea facilities, and a stove. For relaxation, you can use the pool, deck chairs, and a playground.

Summer Holidays in Zadar 

This coastal town is impressively colorful, with plastered houses and orange tiled rooftops. Although less touristy than other areas in the country, Zadar is still an exciting place to visit. Head for the coastline, where you can dance on the interactive Monument of the Sun and listen to the Sea Organ, an artwork that plays ‚Äėmusic‚Äô at the rhythm of the waves. In the center of Zadar, you can explore a couple of ancient cathedrals. The Church of Saint Donatus and the Cathedral of Saint Anastasia make for excellent photo opportunities and are well worth a visit.

Zadar is also a base to explore the nearby islands Saharun Beach, where you can find treasures such as the beautiful Saharun Beach and the National Park Kornati. 

Hotel Recommendations in Zadar

Apartment Violeta, budget

This complex offers large two-bedroom apartments with a spacious living area and many comforts from home. You can enjoy a large tv with streaming services, a patio, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with a washing machine. The apartments are situated in a nice area near the center, with plenty of cafes and restaurants just around the corner.

Holiday Center Ivona, mid-range

In terms of location, few accommodations in Zadar can rival Holiday Center Ivona. This property sits in the heart of the Old Town, with attractions like the Saint Chrysogonus Church and the People’s Square within walking distance. The apartments are equipped with a fully-furnished kitchen, a dining area, living area, and useful appliances such as a fridge and a kettle. At an additional fee, the accommodation can arrange a shuttle service to any preferred location as well.

Summer Holidays in Dubrovnik

Being a walled city along the beautiful coast and dubbed the ‚ÄėPearl of the Adriatic,‚Äô Dubrovnik truly is a magical destination. Walk on top of the city walls (featured in the Game of Thrones series) and visit the watchtowers. For a fantastic impression of the city and a change of perspective, take the Dubrovnik Cable Car up to Srd Hill. Are you more into sunbathing? Dubrovnik has its own ‚Äėcity beach‚Äô; Banje Beach is a lovely strip of sand, where both locals and tourists love to hang out. For a more serious travel experience in Dubrovnik, head for War Photo Limited. This museum shows impressive images from the Balkan War in the 1990s.

Hotel Recommendations in Dubrovnik

Apartments Depozit, budget

This accommodation offers free parking and has rooms full of convenient amenities. Enjoy the living area with a dining table and comfy couch, as well as a kitchen with all appliances you could wish for. Furthermore, this 3-star establishment is equipped with air conditioning, internet connection, and flatscreen-tv.  

Hotel Lapad, luxury

In the high-end category, Hotel Lapad is one of the top choices in Dubrovnik. The hotel has several attractive facilities, such as car rental and a heated outdoor pool surrounded by umbrellas and deck chairs. Also, a buffet breakfast is included in the room rates. Hotel Lapad has family rooms and suites, with a separate living room, radio, and tv.

Summer Holidays in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and most populated city in Croatia. Unlike many of the major towns in Croatia, Zagreb is not located on the coast, but rather inland near Slovenia. The capital has a splendid, well-preserved old part with cobbled streets and tiled rooftops. Pay a visit to the Croatian National Theatre and admire the dazzling architecture, or stroll around in the expansive Zagreb Botanical Garden. In the garden, you’ll find plenty of greenhouses and flower beds with a total of 10.000 species of plants. This is an excellent location to have fun with family and to discover the beauty of nature.

Hotel Recommendations in Zagreb

Centar Guesthouse, budget

A central location, the presence of family rooms, and a private bathroom are just some of the perks that you get by staying in Centar Guesthouse. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, Centar Guesthouse is a great place to spend some time. All sights of the inner city can be reached by foot, and the rooms come with advantages like a toaster, microwave, and fridge. Pets are welcome in this guesthouse, so no family member has to be left at home.

Canopy by Hilton Zagreb City Centre, luxury

If you want to treat yourself and your family with a luxurious experience in Zagreb, this 4-star hotel is a great option. Grab the chance to enjoy the sumptuous breakfast buffet or have your morning meal delivered in the room, before discovering the nearby sights. Canopy by Hilton Zagreb City Centre has a shop, a gym, a casino, a restaurant, and a bar. 

The hotel even provides food bowls and hampers, so you can bring your pets without worry.

Summer Holidays in the Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is, without a doubt, the most iconic natural sight in all of Croatia. This area consists of colorful lakes and waterfalls and draws many tourists with its enchanting appearance. Plitvice Lakes National Park is particularly popular during the summer season when the weather is nice, and walking trails are easily accessible. But winter has its own charm when the cascades are frozen, and nature can be covered with snow. 

A total of 8 different hiking trails allow you to discover this magnificent national park.

Hotel Recommendations in Plitvice Lakes National Park

House Marijana (Rakovica), budget

This holiday house is large enough to host all your family members. Especially in summer, this accommodation is nearly perfect when you can enjoy the barbecue facilities and lounge set on the lawn. For the kids, there’s a playground, board games, and a tv with child-friendly channels. House Marijana is only a 23-kilometer drive away from the entrance of the park, which makes it convenient to use the accommodation as your base.

Tiny House Grabovac (Rakovica), mid-range

If you wish to stay in the middle of nature, Tiny House Grabovac in Rakovica might suit your needs. Despite its modest size, this cottage has lots of amenities, including a kitchen, coffee and tea facilities, a radio and a tv. This tiny house is very suitable for kids, for it has board games, hammock, a barbecue set, and a big lawn to play on.

Check out the famous Kinderhotels of Croatia. There are just a handful of hotels that have received this special accreditation. Kinderhotels also exist in other countries in Europe. A true vacation for the whole family.

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