Algarve with Kids – Tips and Recommendations

  • The Algarve is the southernmost Atlantic coast of Portugal, drawing over four million visitors each year. It’s an endless series of beautiful beaches where you find everything from top family resorts to secluded and unspoiled villages.
  • The main transportation hub is the town of Faro, with its international airport (FAO).
  • The Algarve has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, however, the sea is rougher and colder than the Mediterranean, making it a paradise for surfers.

  • In our Travel Guides, we focus specifically on families with children, e.g. what are the best family-friendly hotels, the best activities for children with tips and recommendations.
  • We recommend to book your accommodation through and some of the activities through Get Your Guide, however, we will explain in details which hotels and why, or which activities we recommend for which age group.
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