Who says you have to be sitting in a school to learn something? With the incredible wealth of resources online today, the internet is a priceless source of educational resources. In fact, by allowing kids to learn at their own pace and finding materials for their unique learning styles, the best online classes for kids are hard to beat. From math to science to art, you’ve got a world of resources at your fingertips.

Ready to get your kids learning at home? Here are the best resources and online classes for kids of all ages.

Khan Academy Classes for Kids

You’ve probably heard of the impressive array of courses for adults from Khan Academy, but did you know they offer lessons for kids too? In fact, they have a special program called Khan Academy Kids that offers a wealth of resources for kids anywhere from pre-K to grade 12. There is a wide array of course materials focused on reading, writing, math, and even social-emotional skills.

One truly impressive thing about Khan Academy is that there are no ads, and all of the content is 100% free. But that doesn’t mean they’ve skimped on quality! The expert-led online kids’ classes were developed with Stanford and are focused on Common Core Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

To help you find the best online class for kids on Khan Academy, read their post on how to start homeschooling with Khan Academy. Whether you’re homeschooling full-time or just want to keep your children engaged in learning, it’s the best place to start.

Scholastic’s Learn at Home

Another impressive education resource for kids is Scholastic’s Learn at Home program. Not only do they have some of the best online classes for kids, but they make it easy to get started. There are 20 days of materials on the site for pre-K through grade 9. All you need to do is click on the grade level, and your kids can start on a guided journey. It’s easy for kids to learn through the material solo, or you can engage as a family. Each lesson is three hours long, though you’ll definitely want to plan more time for taking breaks as well as reflecting on the materials and checking out additional resources.

PBS Kids

There’s a good chance that your kids already love PBS! More than just a source of educational children’s television shows, they have a fabulous website! Learning alongside kids’ fave characters makes the process infidelity more engaging. Explore the PBS Kids website and sign up for their newsletters. Their high quality (and free!) materials are perfect for kids age two to eight.


Are your kids struggling to learn a second language? Keep them going! Being bilingual has countless cognitive and creative benefits. Learning a language will boost cognitive functions, literacy, and social skills, while even enhance their emotional skills.

So, how do you get kids interested in learning a language? One of the best online classes for kids learning a language is Duolingo. Their app works like a game and rewards points for consistently studying and correctional answer questions.

National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids is a perfect resource for animal-loving kids! With stunning footage of wildlife and interactive games, this site will keep kids busy for hours. On top of the lessons on animals, there are fun tutorials for things like making paper straws alongside fun “fact of day” trivia, and lessons about the culture around the world.

In addition to the free content, a paid subscription will give you access to an extensive array of content for $4.99 a month or $29 a year. If your kids are loving the content, it’s well worth the upgrade.

Google Arts & Culture

Thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you don’t have to set food outside to learn about the world. One of the coolest additions to the endless line of Google options is a virtual museum tour feature. See the best museums in New York City. Travel to Germany or Japan in your pajamas. The world is ready and waiting for you.

Beyond the museums, their enhanced Street View will let you wander around the Taj Mahal or soak in the streets of Paris. Play interactive education games, learn about international cuisine, or just admire works of arts.

While some of the museums’ features are better suited to older kids, their national parks exploration tours are a perfect all-ages treat. The Hidden World of the National Parks of America will have the entire family in awe! Virtually stand on top of the lava tubes in Hawaii. Look down into the deep crevasses in the icy ground of Alaska. Swim around the Dry Tortugas National Park of Florida.

Check out our fave US National Parks for family trips, then explore online!


Of course, when we’re talking about the best online classes for kids, we’ve got to mention YouTube! You will literally find something for absolutely everyone here. The best place to get started is on the brilliant new YouTube Learning Website. There is a massive wealth of resources for absolutely everyone. Find content by age group or browse by topic. For a fun “day out” you have got to check out the YouTube Virtual Field Trips.

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